While trekking in Nepal, one does not need to overly worry about hazards as far as your health is concerned. However, preventive measures such as a thorough medical check up and inoculations before you start trekking can save you from unexpected risks. Since the more remote places of Nepal are not supplied with the necessities that are essential for modern medical facilities, and as the rescue and evacuation are measured in days, it is imperative to make a comprehensive first-aid box consisting of basic drugs and accessories to take with you while trekking. We at “Nepal Mother House treks” provide every group with a first-aid bag. Please take a look at various trekking guidebooks and the pamphlet published by the Himalayan Rescue Association as they both give you detailed information on a complete list of recommended medical supplies. These guidebooks are available in the bookshops of Kathmandu. In case of more serious illness or injury, prompt evacuation to Kathmandu is the best remedy. Modern dentistry is unknown in the hills of Nepal, so it is advised to have a checkup before departure from home. Tooth fillings sometimes loosen in cold temperatures and at high altitudes, so it is recommended to have them checked.

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